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Here at Waterrific, were crazy about water. We offer products and solutions to help you achieve an optimal water lifestyle. Some of the things were offer.

  • Whole House Water Systems
  • Salt Free Conditioners 
  • Catalytic Carbon Filters

Whole House Water Systems treat the water you use throughout your home. A whole house filter is used in combination with the systems that  provide water to your home, including municipal water sources, wells,  and reverse osmosis filters, to improve the quality of your water. Whether you use a well or a municipal water source, the water that  comes from your tap may include contaminants such as sediment,  chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, perchlorates, and pesticides. A whole  house water filter removes these contaminants to provide you with  cleaner, safer water for daily use. 

Salt Free Conditioners - A salt based water softener reduces the hardness of water by  replacing the minerals through an ion exchange process; the positively  charged calcium and magnesium ions are lost to negatively-charged  plastic beads, then a brine tank filled with a solution of water and  salt flushes the mineral tank, replacing the calcium and magnesium ions  with sodium.

Catalytic Carbon Filters are great due to it's effective adsorption rate and immense filtration  surface area. Just one pound of our catalytic carbon has the filtering  surface area equivalent to 100 plus acres. The Waterrific filter  contains almost 30 pounds of catalytic carbon media, it is the best  known treatment for organic chemicals, VOC's, pesticides, herbicides,  pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines and disinfection by-products.