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Get bottled water quality, or even better, with the Waterrific whole house water filter system. Our water filter systems incorporate the latest in catalytic carbon technologies to provide you with quality drinking water at every tap in your home at an average price of less than a fifty cents a day. That's less than $15 a month for bottled water quality at every tap, every bath, and every shower, throughout your entire house. No more lifting heavy water bottles, no more filter cartridges to replace, no more washing and bathing in chemicals. Just great tasting waterrific water your whole family will love.

Why Catalytic Carbon Filters?

We utilize 100% catalytic carbon due to it's effective adsorption rate and immense filtration surface area. Just one pound of our catalytic carbon has the filtering surface area equivalent to 100 plus acres. The Waterrific filter contains almost 30 pounds of catalytic carbon media, it is the best known treatment for organic chemicals, VOC's, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines and disinfection by-products.

Whole House Drinking Water

Enjoy drinking water at every tap in your home with the Waterrific whole house water system. Better than bottled water because it retains the healthy minerals, like calcium and magnesium nature provided for people and pets. Better for our planet, because no bottles are needed and zero water is wasted in the production of Waterrific drinking water.

How Much Is It?

Why Whole House Water Filtration?

The Waterrific whole house filter removes harmful chemicals that Mother Nature never intended to be added to our water supply, mainly chlorine, chloramine, and other disinfectant byproducts.

Municipal water companies have a difficult job to do. On one hand they have to provide safe drinkable water to tens of thousands of homes every day. On the other hand they have to disinfect that same drinking water by adding harsh poisonous chemicals like chlorine and chloramine to kill alga and bacteria.

These chemicals are added to our water supply in very small proportions, and even though they do leave a bad taste and odor, they are not considered harmful for human consumption. However, this is for you to decide, it's your home, your family, and your water. So what are you going to do, do you want to continue drinking and bathing in these and other chemicals? If not, then the Waterrific whole house catalytic carbon filter is a great way to get better tasting quality water for you and your family.


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